Kirrt is an online gallery, showcasing the works of Artists and Artisans of the Punjab. Kirrt (ਕਿਰਤ) is a Punjabi word with roots in Sanskrit word Krit or Kriti (कृत). It means manufacturing, making and creation. In Punjabi, the word kirrt carries the same meaning, but with additional connotation of kirrt as labour, toil. In Guru Nanak’s teachings hathiN kirrt karna (to work with your own hands) is considered honourable, virtuous and essential for being a gurmukh. Further, kirrt karna te wandd chhakna (to work and share the produce) is one of the core principles of not only Sikh faith but multi-religious Punjabi community.

In January 2018, we had the honour to meet with Amarjit Chandan and listened him read his poems in public. Every time he read his poem ਪੋਥੀ (The Book), he lamented the absence of celebration of the kirti and his craft in Punjabi literature and arts. Taking a cue from his concern, the Kirrt project was started by Gurdeep Singh Dhaliwal (writer, photographer) along with Navjeet Kaur (designer). Jasdeep Singh (translator, editor) and Satdeep Gill (writer, photographer) joined the collective as contributors later on.The Kirrt logo is designed by award-winning filmmaker Gurvinder Singh.We document the stories of kirrtis — artisans and kirrts — their artworks. 

Our team

Navjeet Kaur


I am a painter, costume and book designer. I gained my artistic sensibility from the people who practised different skills and art forms like furniture making, organic farming, house construction, hand embroidery, painting, making farming tools and pottery etc. It’s so moving for me to see these artists and artisans adapt with time and technology. Through Kirrt, in this world of  mass production, I can feed my drive of keeping these creators in focus.

jasdeep singh

writer & Editor

I am a reader, translator and a software engineer. It is my love for the visual arts, that got me together with Gurdeep and Navjeet, and I was more than happy to accept their invitation to join the Kirrt project. In the times of homogeneity imposed by mass-market products and corporate globalisation. The artworks by artisans provide a glimpse of ingenuity and mastery of craft.

gurdeep singh

Photographer & Writer

I’m an artist based in Chandigarh. During my years in the UK and travels in Europe, I visited numerous galleries and museums and felt how important they were to sustain the arts and culture in the region and to inspire the future generations. So, it’s an effort at collecting stories and works of people who still work with hand and to document the contemporary artists and creative practices in Punjab.

satdeep gill

Photographer & Writer

I am a free knowledge enthusiast, photographer and translator. Most of my work has been around promoting the Punjabi language and culture both online and offline. I have been deeply involved with the Wikipedia movement and certain other projects. I love travelling a lot but with Kirrt I realized how interesting it can be to walk the streets of places not so far away from my hometown. How fascinating it is to listen to an old Hookah maker in Malerkotla, narrate his story.


Amarjit Chandan

Amarjit Chandan

Punjabi author and photographer based in UK

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh

Award-winning Punjabi filmmaker


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