Gurdeep Singh 2017-09-05 15:27:16 Jasdeep Singh Blog post


I’m an artist based in Chandigarh. After working for a year, I’ve realized there isn’t much space and funds to be an independent artist here, to work on your own accord.

Everybody’s protesting the degrading art, music and films being produced but then who’s ready to invest in something valuable. How can the art, we wish to see, come to life when there’s no money to make it. The simple reason being, producers see no point in investing in such a product which won’t fetch any profits.
So, it’s an effort, a practical one, at collecting stories and works of people who still work with hand and to document the contemporary artists, from there moving on to creating a platform where we can raise money to invest in the arts, to make it more original and critical of its times. During my years in the UK and the travels in Europe, I visited numerous galleries and museums, and felt how important they were to sustain the art in the region and to inspire the art, yet to come, something we lack here.

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