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I am a writer, translator and software engineer based in Chandigarh. I curate Parchanve, a blog on translated Punjabi poetry. I like creative non-fiction, miniature painting, documentary photography and slow cinema.

For my affection to Punjabi literature, I got the opportunity to work as a translator and additional dialogue writer for award winning Punjabi films Annhe Ghore Da Daan and Chauthi Koot. Recently I wrote a narrative script for a dance performance ‘O Jugni Punjab Di’. I am also co-writing screenplays for two new Punjabi films.

It is my love for the visual arts, that got me together with Gurdeep and Navjeet, and I was more than happy to accept their invitation to join the Kirrt project. Kirrt project took shape at my place. After the stories are collected I edit them before they go online.

In the times of homogeneity imposed by mass-market products and corporate globalisation. The artworks by artisans provide a glimpse of ingenuity and mastery of craft. The Artisans have to cope up with lower wages set up by traditional sepidaari/zamindari system and the onslaught of factory produced. Kirrt is a way to document these art forms, honour the thankless work they are doing, and to bring their stories out in the public. So that we see what we overlook. We appreciate the craft when we haggle for the price of a pitcher.

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