Navjeet Kaur 2017-09-05 15:26:20 Jasdeep Singh Blog post

DESIGNERNavjeet Kaur

I am a painter and a costume designer. I gained my artistic sensibility from the people around me, people who practised multiple skills, art forms and crafts. Skills ranging from fixing a button to stitching a new garment, artistic sensibility to make a painting, skills like hammering a nail into a wall, to fix a broken leg of an old chair, sharpening a kitchen knife.

All these crafts became part of my daily surroundings. Some of these activities I saw, became personal hobbies and some stayed due to their necessity in everyday life.
As a child, I had a lot to observe and learn to satisfy my curiosities. I was the favourite help for Furniture making, Organic farming, House construction, Hand embroidery, Painting, Building farming tools and Pottery etc. I observed these crafts as an important part of a life.
Now, it’s so fascinating for me to see artists and artisans, how they accept, adapt and bring change in their crafts and art forms with new technology. I want all types of arts and crafts to flourish in this changing time by bringing the creators into focus.

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