Author: Gurdeep Singh

Interview with Shilpi Gulati of LOCK & KEY

Over the course of making this film, I realized it was a challenge to speak to the protagonists on camera and retain the emotion of a story which has been repeated hundreds of times to a point where a certain performance and rehearsal tends to set in. It took a friendship and an emotional bond of years to be able to represent it in the film.
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Taala Te Kunjee: A documentary that looks at the lives of Punjab’s recovering addicts through five overlapping stories

As I watched Taala Te Kunjee (Lock and Key), filmmaker Shilpi Gulati’s 2017 feature-length documentary film, I kept returning to the story and the laughing face of 57-year-old Jasbir Singh. Every time I’d hear his voice, I’d think of every quintessentially Punjabi uncle I’ve ever met who has put me at ease with his incessant jokes and booming laughter.
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Taala te Kunjee

Taala Te Kunjee, is a story of Five recovering addicts at a rehab in Amritsar, Punjab. This story beautifully captures the essence of recovery from addiction and how these recovered addicts along with their families are helping other sufferers recover from the rampant drug problem in the state.
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