Ancestry: Sarhali, Amritsar

In collaboration with Kitab Trinjan
Only for archival purposes

Source: Strassercreations

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Govinder Nazran was an artist based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He started his career as a graphic designer. He was mostly known for his paintings of animals, primarily of cats and dogs, but also of horses and elephants. The animals were more often than not made up of Rothkoesque blocks of colour and were often embellished with gold leaf, glitter, staples, string and other objects. Many of Govinder’s animals came in pairs focusing on themes such as opposites, yin and yang, family, love, good versus evil and mr and mrs.

Apart from painting animals, Govinder produced many sculptures based upon his paintings as well as figurative and totally abstract works.

He has many collectors in the UK, US and Japan. His work was particularly popular in America and in Japan. In 2004 he became the Best Selling Published Artist in the industry’s Fine Art Trade Guild Awards and he enjoyed two sell-out tours in Japan where his work was highly regarded.



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