Born 1921–2000

In collaboration with Kitab Trinjan
Only for archival purposes

Writer: Prem Singh

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Ludhiana-born Harkrishan Lall was one of the distinguished Punjabi painters who painted the life and landscape for almost half a century. In all his artistic endeavours, he had one objective that is to produce paintings in as painterly a manner as possible. There is a distinct fragrance of Indian Miniature painting in his work. His simple and spontaneous style has an immediate appeal which mark him out as one of the best colourists on Indian art scene.

Colour was Harkrishan Lall’s passion and he transmitted its sensory effects on canvas will all his creative and imaginative power. His landscapes interspersed with human figures, animals and birds have a unique freshness and charm. Hs landscapes in spite of its vast dimensions do not make you feel small, figures seem familiar and animals of the wildest nature appear friendly for the treatment and deft handling of colour.

This is he expressed himself in 1996:

“I realise now that applying paint is the most important task an artist has to tackle. Texture and tone and technique have all to form an integral part in a work, and it is not advisable to concentrate on just one aspect. Formerly I used to work with a pre-conceived idea in my mind. Now a days I saw a form/shape itself, and studying nature abroad. I understood how infinite is the variety of its richness and how futile it is to restrict one self to reproducing one shape or form … the new realisation has made me expressionistic in a different manner. I allow the colours to flow, sink, emerge, ignoring their local and representative value so that, eventually I can be expressionistic through the eye…Every colour must vibrate alone and in harmony.”


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