born 1935

In collaboration with Kitab Trinjan
Only for archival purposes

Photograph: Ram Rahman

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Paramjit Singh (b1935, Amritsar) received his Diploma in Fine Arts from Delhi Polytechnic in 1958 and did Print making from Atelier Nord, Norway in 1973. As predominantly a landscape painter he was the founder member of “The Unknown”, comprising young painters and sculptors. Singh’s brush charts a course on the canvas that gives the viewer panoramic visions of mystic landscapes. The thick pigment on the brush would not rest, it seems, before it has filled the whole space, before it has created a tactile presence of all the possible forms, for all the possible hues. Paramjit landscapes, with their loaded silence evocative of the other worldly, became over the years, a distinct mystical utterance in pictorial terms. His first solo exhibition at Triveni Gallery, New Delhi, in 1967, he has had numerous others to his credit.

Selected solo shows are: ‘Beauty and Loss: A Landscape Diary’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2010; ‘Green Thought’, Bodhi Art Singapore, 2008; Talwar Gallery, New York, 2004; Centre of International Modern art, Kolkata, 1999; The Gallerie, Chennai, 1990; Mainz, West Germany, 1981; Kunika Chemould Gallery, 1972. Few of his group exhibitions and participations are, Art Celebrates 2010, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi, 2010; An Indian Contemporary Art, Gallery Maya at The Air Gallery, London,1999; Unclaimed spaces, Gallery Threshold, 2009-10. The artist was awarded with the National Award Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi, 1970 and is a recipient of the Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi, 1970. 

Paramjit Singh is among India’s those leading modern artists who discovered a long and independent path for themselves ignoring the familiar contemporary idioms. For the last 55 years and more, he has been developing his art language with tremendous dedication, concentration and a sincere devotion to his personal inclinations. At one time his art was under the influence of surrealistic pictorial vocabulary but gradually he transformed his love for the nature into an artist’s deep spiritual concentration. His landscapes are not merely translations of memories of beautiful scenes, they constitute rarely-found keys to enter a mysterious universe and are also an incomparable world where concern and anxiety prevail. The faint intimations of anxiety also make his landscapes memorable documents of his age.

Madan Gopal Singh on Paramjit’s landscapes: “There is a simultaneous dual time – the first in the sense in which time becomes immediately present. It is as if it is spread out before you. But the more you look into the canvas and the materials there in, you begin to perceive a larger idea of infinite time. It happens in the transience, it is always infinite in Paramjit Singh’s landscapes and it happens again and again in his work. Paramjit Singh’s work transcends the organicity of nature which was the hallmark of the painters of the Bengal school.”


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